As other branches of the medical science, dentistry has immensely developed in the past years as well. Orthodontic treatment is making explicitly huge steps towards digitalization, which makes the treatment planning a more complex and quicker process.

The world-class device park, which is available in our clinic, allows us to provide the most modern orthodontic treatment in Szeged.

Our Orthodontic Clinic is a dental office that is equipped on the highest level within our region.

You can find in our world-class device park:

  • Planmeca Emerald™ S Oral Scanner
  • CS 9600 the SMART CBCT
    • 3D CBCT, dental, oral surgical, otorhinolaryngologist
    • 5 in 1 – CBCT, panorama, Face Scan, Model Scan, tele-X-ray
    • In the case of big FOVs with uniquely thin slice thickness, with small beam exposure, computer-controlled patient positioning
  • Planmeca Creo® C5 dental 3D printer
  • Panorama and tele-X-ray

You can find more information about the digitalized planning with the following link:


Today, on the field of orthodontology there are numerous options to improve our patients’ dentures aesthetically and functionally as well. The world-class device park, which is available at our clinic allows us to provide the most advanced treatment even in Szeged.

Planmeca Emerald™ S Oral Scanner 

The point of taking a digital imprint is, as opposed to the traditional imprint creation that it is taken with a digital intraoral scanner. The copy (virtual model) of the dentures appears immediately in front of the patient on the monitor, in 3D, in colour.

Planmeca Creo® C5 dental 3D printer

The Planmeca Creo® C5 dental 3D printer was especially created for the making of the required material and tools for dental care and designed to endure the daily loads of the busiest dental clinics and laboratories. With the help of the scanner, printer and the software belonging to them, a more precise and customized treatment can be provided for the patients. The professionally approved and print-optimized materials provide high-standard results each, and every time.

3D fogszabályozás
CBCT fogászat

CS 9600 the SMART CBCT

The Cone Beam (CBCT) visual tool, which allows us to create 3D images about the state of the dentures, another advantage is that the created images are clear and distortion-free as opposed to the traditional examinations.

Panoramic and Cephalogram X-ray

The panoramic x-Ray is a type of dental x-Ray, that gives full picture of the upper and lower jaw bones and neighboring bones in 2D. It provides a comprehensive image of the ungrown teeth, the hidden tooth decays and issues with old tooth fillings or contingent fitting of tooth crowns.

The Cephalogram x-Ray is an essential type of x-Ray when it comes to orthodontology and jaw surgery that shows the structure of the facial bones and soft tissues.