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17 Mar

Oral hygiene

Precondition of the birth of a wonderful smile is the entire understanding between you and your dentist. Your dentist can do anything for you just as long as you are in the dental surgery, but it is your duty to [...]

17 Mar

First aid

Orthodontic treatments are in general safe and hardly ever lead to complications. However, should you experienc any irregularity please contact our customer service without delay and we will resolve the problem in the shortest possible period of time. Addressing any [...]

17 Mar

Tongue thrust swallowing

Speech therapy of tongue thrust swallowing in Szeged It is commonly known phenomenon that children at an early stage of development don’t start to speak clearly, certain sounds are replaced by others or the phonation itself is „baby-like”, they push [...]

17 Mar

Frequent disorders

Tooth disorders Jam Open bite (incisors don’t come together when biting) Deep bite (upper incisors overlap or cover the lower incisors) Cross bite (e.g. upper teeth bite not before but behind lower teeth) Tooth outside or inside teeth arch Excessive [...]

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