Recently a new device system is being used in advanced orthodontics practices, resulting in markedly improved treatments when compared to conventional devices. This so called In-Ovation system, applies alow-friction bracket structure. The components of the system are available in metal as well as in a more aesthetic porcelain design.

Compared to traditional devices their main advantage is that in the first stage of the treatment the orthodontic arches are loosely fitted the locks thus the High-Tech arches can move freely preventing stress build-up in the brackets. A further improvement is the replacement of rubber and metal fixtures with a specially designed system of locks. As this revolutionary arch structure exerts less stress on the teeth they require less adjustment meaning less frequent visits for the duration of the treatment. Though it may sound counter intuitive, less force and rarer activations yield the desired result faster. Just consider that everything is up to the metabolic process – this doesnot refer to adjustment of the teeth only, let’s just think of the hardly feasible diet. If one eats less and less frequently one could lose weight faster. Why should not it be the case in orthodontics? You need to come for control less often yet the duration of the treatment will still be shorter? Just think it over; our body prefers smaller loadsto havinga strenuous effort atone time. Why should not this work with our teeth, too? It requires less control from you. Instead of the regular 4 weeks control period a 6-8 week revision period will be sufficient. This would also save you time and money.

You do not need to find out which device suits you best, we will make you a suggestion based on your current status and your preference. We will offer you the best and fastest treatment possible as our goal is to achieve the best result in the shortest period of time, using the most comfortable devices. Trust us: Devices alone are just means; they require the expertise of specialists because beauty will lie in the details. Do not fall for advertisements focusing on high-tech methods only. Believe us, nature, biology and physiology cannot be deceived.

Bimaxillar (Impact on Both Jaws) Bite Adjustments

These are methods appliedprimarily at the age of rapid growth. With these we can adjust the closure errors of the two dentures. Though a bit scary for the first sight, they are comfortable. You should not be afraid of them. If one considersthat by applying them we can prevent jaw surgeriesthat might otherwisebenecessary, they immediately become more appealing.