Some people fall into the trap of thinking that the removal of the orthodontics device is marking the end of the treatments. The truth is, that in some cases, upkeeping the achieved result can take a longer period of time than the active phase of the treatment itself. This is because it may take years for the tissues surrounding the teeth to stregthen in the new position, this includes the muscles of the face and the masticatory muscles as well.

To maintain the achieved results removable or fixed braces can be applied, with the benefit that the former should only be used at night and they are made of comfortable, transparent materials. In many cases we use braces that keep the teeth in a fixed position. These are the cemented brackets. In the process we secure a thin, less conspicuous archwire onto the back of the teeth with medical adhesive. This structure then can be used for a very long period of time, even as long as a lifetime. There is no discomfort, they are easy to clean and do not hinder speach or normal life in any way. In fact, these are often more comfortable than removable braces. This solution also eliminates the burden of placing the braces yourself and ensure that the result achieved will be long lasting.