Prerequisite of dental interventions, orthodontics treatments are among others the appropriate oral hygiene and inflammation-free healthy gum. Therefore it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning process prior to treatment including the removal of tartar and plaque from the tooth surface and under the gum.

Removal of tartar

Tartar can be removed in dental surgeries only, there is no chance to do it at home. Tartars shall be removed by skilled dental hygienic experts in our dental surgery by ultrasound and manual devices. 


The polishing with polishing paste provides solution for hardly accessible places in course of professional cleaning in the surgery. Polishing and cleaning of teeth is necessary from time to time to contribute to the soundness of our teeth. 

Teeth whitening

In the past couple of years the demand for white denture has been widespread both among men and women. Recently, teeth whitening is a very popular process, because everyboy would like to have a snow-white, brilliant smile, like in movies. To achieve this we suggest you to make use of a dental specialist’s assistance. Let’s see what procedures are available to gain a beautiful smile. 

You can contribute to the durability of the above indicated treatments, completed by dental hygienists. How? Follow our recommandations and advices concerning home oral care.

Home oral care

Precondition of the birth of a wonderful smile is the entire understanding between you and your dentist. Your dentist can do anything for you just as long as you are in the dental surgery, but it is your duty to ensure in the rest of time that treatment might continue smoothly. The most important is to keep your teeth and gum clean – also when you are not under treatment. But when treatment has started, keeping oral hygiene needs a more empahsized care.

For instance a braces device in your mouth may be the source of plaque formation. If you wear such, take a little extra time for cleaning your teeth. Use special tooth-brush, dental floss, tooth space cleaning tooth-brush which can be helpful in maintaining oral hygiene. If you wear removable orthodontics device, it can be cleaned by tooth-brush, tooth paste and special tablets. You can find detailed guide below how to maintain the cleanness and health of your mouth and braces.

It is important to maintain oral hygiene during and after dental treatment.