The time of traditional sampling procedures is over. The patients would prefer quick and effective solutions because time is money. It is particularly important for us to satisfy our patients from every aspect so we are providing our treatments with the most advanced equipment. Accordingly the improved version of Planmeca Emerald™ S Oral Scanner is available in Dr. András Kocsis’ Orthodontic Clinic, which brings the speed of intraoral scanning to another level. With the help of the new device the happiness and satisfaction of the patient is granted.

Advatages of the Planmeca Emerald™ S Oral Scanner

  • Extremely fast scanning speed: It is a high-quality intraoral device, which has an unmatched scanning speed that is the highest level in the world. With the help of the scanner one arc can be scanned in one minute, which increases effectiveness and speed.
  • Convenient sample collection: Thanks to the thin design of the the device, sampling does not cause any inconvenience, and does not make the patient gag.
  • Shorter treatment time: Thanks to its speed and accuracy there is less need for correction and sampling and the patients can get the perfect dentures sooner.
  • Incredible accuracy: While minding the excellent utility, it provides outstanding accuracy, which is key to successful treatments. It applies modern sensory techniques to create images. We can get more precise results with it.
  • For various demands there are different scanning options: It is suitable for all types of scanning. The thinner SlimLine design simplifies the reach of the rear teeth as well as the interproximal spaces, while the Cariosity transillumnation form is suitable for tracking of tooth decay.
  • Toothpaint Assistant: Thanks to its shading technique it recognizes the appropriate shades. It uses vivid colours on the scanned images to distinguish different locations, thus making tooth decay and other dental issues immediately visible.
  • Spectacular planning opportunity: It makes the planning of the orthodontic  treatment is more spectacular, but aside from this it can be used to plan tooth replacement treatments.
  • Real digital comfort: With the help of the Planmeca Emerald™ S creation of the digital images is easier than with any other traditional method. Due to its small size, weight and fast speed it is comfortable for the patients and does not cause any unpleasantness. Thanks to the anti-fog technology it is easier and simpler to make digital samples than ever before. This makes the sampling procedures more accurate and effective.