In many cases it is the fear of parnets why children come to the surgery, because „at their time” they didn’t have the chance of orthodontics and they come now due to the fear based on their bad experiences to avoid that their children might have similar problems later.

A well-performed orthodontics treatment may increase the self-respect of children and may prevent the wicked mockery of teenagers. After all, orthodontics = attractive smile which is a healthy child!

Many people think that orthodontics can be carried out for children and teenagers only. As a matter of fact, the apperance of the face  is shaped from early childhood to getting adult, teeth take their final position, jaws finish their development. During this period we can have an influence on the structure of face, the location of teeth and bite and we can also have an effect on the outer appearance. Tissues are more plastic and a lasting result can be achieved in shorter time as in adulthood. In many cases the face is unable to develop intact without orthodontics treatment.

There are cases when intervention is needed at an early stage. Early treament may give rise to a very high congestion or extremely protruding teeth, which are in such cases more vulnerable or may cause other dental problems, too.

Accordingly, it is worth taking your child to a first consultation already at the age of 6-7. We assess the growth trends and the expected time of the arise of teeth. We filter the occasional irregularities due to childhood bad habbits.

We provide first of all preventive-interceptive interventions, it means we prevent serious problems of face deformity that may occur later. We ensure the circumstances of normal growth and development, the clear speech, the balanced chewing and the regular breathing. We apply the most simple treatments during the shortest possible time, in the meantime we eliminate the harmful functions.

Warning symptom may be the speech defect, the impaired nasal breathing, the open mouthing. We examine the position and size of jaws. We shall not start orthodontics treatment by all means, but we can draw conclusions for the optimum time when such trreatment is recommended to be started. From then we follow the development of the child and recommend a control at least once a year.