This is an extremely important treatment period, as this is the age when permanent dentition develops, the jaws are in an active growth period, reaching their final position and size. Deviations can be treated successfully with either removable or fixed devices. Using removable devices we first regulate the growth of jaws. These so called functional treatments impact both jaws thus they could be considered as jaw surgeries. Should this be insufficient to deliver the desired results further corrective surgeries may be necessary to ensure a proper bite print and prevent more serious jaw distortions. Following this primary phase, the next step is to ensure proper dental closure by applying fixed braces. With this two phased approach we can achieve the desired facial harmony that will last a lifetime.

The teenage years are also very important in terms of the efficacy of the treatment but in personality development as well. Self-esteem and confidence are of primary importance for the teenager and these treatments can boost this significantly. With a healthy denture they can avoid being bullied or hassled. Furthermore, an improper dental alignment does not only lack aesthetics but also impair proper cleaning. Plaque accumulation is more pronounced in jammed dentures with detrimental effect on teeth enamel, leading to abnormalities and potentially to periodontal diseases and gingivitis.