May I go to MRI examination with my braces?

Unfortunately only with the non-metalic version, since metal components might disturb the operation of the equipment. Even if someone wears porcelain, sapphire crystal or plastic device, it is advised to go to his family doctor to remove the arch for [...]

May braces disturb kissing?

In my opinion, not. I have a patient who directly finds it exciting, even in some cases it may be an advantage, since braces may be considered as expression of neatness. I throw back the question: unsettled, neglected denture or [...]

Do we have to wear night braces in daytime?

Night braces is not a correct expression. For children, the removable braces ought to be worn even in daytime. The more they wear it, the more effective it is. Though I’m aware of the fact that children have much to [...]

What size of disorder can be treated by braces?

With the up-to-date technics every aesthetic, dental- and jaw development disorder can successfully be treated. Subject to the age problems can be remedied by the involvement of co-professions (aesthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, pradontology).

Up to what age can still braces be worn?

Today orthodontics is not bound to age. Misbelief is the view that orthodontics treatments can be used for children only. At our consultations the fifties generation is not a rare phenomenon. Moreover, there are some special treatments which we apply [...]

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