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Dear Visitor,

By visiting the website  www.fogszabalyzas.hu you accept the provisions below which the operator and the owner of the above said website agree for themselves to be bound to.

Users may use the website to their own responsibility, upon visiting the site you accept the provisions below which the operator and the owner of the said website are entitled to modify anytime and unilaterally. You are entitled to download, display or print information from the webiste  www.fogszabalyzas.hu via the Internet exclusively for personal use.

When you are browsing the pages of  www.fogszabalyzas.hu web portals, you are simultaneously supplying data for the company. Data supply happens partly automatically (i.e. webiste statistics), partly by filling out forms or by means of ordering newsletters.

The website www.fogszabalyzas.hu protects in course of its operation the personal rights of its visitors and clients with all available means , keeps the prescriptions and provisions of the Act IV. of 1959 about the Civil Code as well as those of the Act LXIII. of 1992 about the protection of personal data and the publication of data of public interest.

  • your personal data shall be processed in a fair and legal way,
  • data shall be stored only for definite and legal purposes and we shall not use them for any other distinct purpose,
  • we shall make appropriate measures to protect the personal data of the data substance and we shall prevent unauthorized access, modification or publication of same.

Dr. András Kocsis is entiled to manage data in connection with the use of services in the lack of consent only  when these data ar not suitable to be associated directly with the client.

Dr. András Kocsis shall fully keep the provisions of the Act LXIII. of 1992. about the protection of personal data and the publication of data of public interest in course of managing the personal data. He is obliged to submit exactly the purpose of application for personal data in every case and the data received may be used for that sepcific purpose only.

Dr. András Kocsis shall do technically every effort for the safe storage of the user’s data, with special regard to to the provisions of the Act LXIII. od 1992 about the protection of personal data and the publication of data of public interest as well as those of the Act  VI. of 1998. and Act XVII. of 2003. about the processing of personal data about the protection of individuals and the provisions included in Chapter XVII.  of 2003. and the Act LIII of 2005. about the electronic telecommunication, about the specific conditions of data managing of telecommunication suppliers and the provisions of the Government Order No. 226/2003. (XII.13.) about the data safety of telecommunication services.

Tha data of the registered users as well as the subscribers can be stored by the Provider or its direct mandatory and these data may be used for statistical purposes aggregated in a free form. Data of users for direct acquiring can only be used upon their authorization and transfer to third parties can only be achieved under strict keeping of legal regulations.  Data manager is obliged to destroy personal data in case of the cessation of the purpose of application or upon request of the user.

Upon request of the user we shall provide information concerning the treated personal data or these data shall be modified or deleted in accordance with the request of the client or entitled person.

Simultaneously with the application for consultations, trainings, seminars or newsletters users provide their contribution to receive electronic letters from this website (occasionally containing advertisements as well), on the other hand they declare that the e-mail adress provided by you is a company-used address. The operator of the webiste shall not check and examine the reality content of data provided in course of filling out forms. Signing up can be cancelled anytime by one single clicking on the link at the bottom of newsletters.

The operator and the owner of the website shall not be held responsible for failures, damages, data losses or content errors or deficiencies in connection with the attendance of the webiste, neither directly, nor indirectly or incidentally.

Registered trademarks, brandnames, and domain names shall constitute the exclusive property of the registring companies in every case. Trademarks, brandnames and domain names registered by the operator and owner of the webiste shall not allowed to be used without the written constent of the operator and the owner. The use of any written or visual material placed by the operator and the owner on this webiste are also subject to the written consent of the operator and the owner. The site contains videos which are not the property of Dr. András Kocsis. The videos appearing in the video gallery have been downloaded from the website http://www.youtube.com as freely available, published video-shares. The sources of these videos have been marked. No liability shall be provided for downloading and distributing same.

All copyrights connected with the website are pertaining the operator and owner of the website. All rights in connection with the website are reserved by the operator and owner of same.

The operator and owner of the webiste www.fogszabalyzas.hu is: Dr. András Kocsis

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