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Planning the treatment

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Planning the treatment

This is the most important moment in course of orthodontics treatments. This is the stage when it will be decided what changes are to be carried out on the face, how will smile look like, what is the impression and the aesthetic judgment. With one word: how we can improve the aesthetic judgment of the face.

In total we examine the masticatory and mimicry muscles, the meeting of dentures, the chewing, the position of teeth and the relation of jaws to each other. We measure the meeting of lips and teeth. We perform aestetical analysis. Every patient is different, therefore is it necessary to complete a personal treatment schedule. There are plenty of measuring choices available, but we shall perform these not separately, but as a complex system.

We shall start treatment only if we are convinced to be able to reach the maximum result and a long term stability. We are creating various options with the strict provision that we are prepared to make compromise only if this is correct in terms of medical aspects. Co-professional experts are involved, we shall consult the family doctor, if necessary. This is also the stage when we offer various types of devices which we estimate to be optimal for the treatment. You can choose among these. In course of treatment scheduling we are not considering devices, but the best possible solution for you. Devices are just means in our hand by which we can treat you in an optimum, quick and comfortable way.

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