Orthodontics treatments can correct the malfuncions even at older age and we can achieve marvellous results. This is in many ways more simple, but in many other ways more complicated then treatments in childhood. More simply, because the growth of jaws and the face has already been finished, we don’t have to count with the 4th dimesnion caused by the development-ripening-growing. A final status has been achieved, which sahll be changed only to minor extent during the rest of our life. Fortunately, the emphasis is on the minor extent, since change is the basis of change. Therefore it is possible that orthodontics can be performed at any age. On the other hand it is more complicated, because the reactivity of tissues is less then in childhood and it is gradually decreasing with age progress, buti t will never be ceased.

First consultation

We assess the demands. Patients shall be informed about the possible treamtents in a a relaxed atmosphere under pleasant circumstances, we provide information about the possible ways of treatments as well as about the beginning of treatments. This is a very important moment, the first impresssion about the necessity of treatment, what will happen, how it will be done, how long it will take. At this stage we are still not able to define a concrete plan.

Planning the treatment

This is the most important part in the course of orthodontics. This is the time when it is to be decided what changes should be made on the face, how smile will look like, how impression and aesthetic judgement will be. In one word, how we can improve the aesthetic judgement of the face.

Special treatments in adulthood:

  • conductive treatments for prothesis
  • „back regulation” of wandering teeth due to periodontal diseases
  • surgery orthodontics treatments due to jaw deformities
  • dysfunction of jaw joint
  • aesthetic interventions

Orthodontics types, devices:

  • Iratkozzon fel

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