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Mandibular joint treatments

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Mandibular joint treatments

The connection of orthodontics and mandibular joint problems

Mandibular joint diseases include the complaints of the joint in front of the ear connecting the jaws to the rest of the skull, the insufficient operation of the masticatory apparatus and the connected areas. Although symptoms are in most cases not so serious that people would turn to specialists, however in more than one third of the population certain kinds of symptoms of this group of diseases can be experienced.

Typical complaints:

  • pain at the mandibular joint area, the masticatory muscle, but this pain may spread out to the ear, the temple, even it may case pain in the teeth or the nape, possibly in  the neck muscle.
  • sound effects, clack or crackle while moving the jaws.
  • the abnormal (limited or excessive, sometimes irregular) movement of jaw.

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