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Adult orthodontics

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Adult orthodontics

Adult treatments – It’s never too late!

The first impression is very important in human relations. Healthy, straight and beautiful teeth play an important role in the judgement of a face, they have an impact on the harmony of the face at all ages reflecting vitality and energy. The desire for a perfect appearance is a legitimate demand.

Besides the aesthetic demand the medical and health aspects are of same importance. The relation of the orderly arranged teeth and the harmonious jaws are prerequisites of the balanced operation and accordingly of a mouth free from caries, gingivities and prothesis. Malfunctions can be improved even at elder age by braces treatment, we can achieve wonderful results. Harmonious teeth, trouble-free operation and proper masticatory function for a natural smile! We set the aim on the improvement of your health and quality of life.

Orthodontic treatment is by far more than a cosmetical treatment, in all ages.


No and yes. From numerous aspects more simple, but from other aspects more complicated than treatments at an early age. It is more simple, because by this age the increase of the face and the jaws have already been finished and accordingly we don’t have to calculate with the 4th dimension caused by the developing-ripening-increase process. A final status has been developed which is subject to changes to limited extent only. That’s the reason why orthodontics can be performed at any age. On the other hand it’s more complicated, because the reactivity of tissues is less that that in the early childhood and it’s being continuously reduced during man’s lifetime, but it will never cease.

First consultation

We assess the demands. We provide information about the possible ways of therapy, let you get acquanted with the different options and the starting date of treatment and all these in a pleasant environment and relaxed atmosphere. This is a very important moment, the first impression about the necessity of the therapy, what’s going to happen and how in what time. This is not the time we can provide you with exact plans.

Treatment schedule

This period is the most important in course of the orthodontics treatments. This is the stage when it shall be decided what changes are to be performed on the face, how the smile will look like, the impression, the aesthetic jedgment. In brief: how we can improve the aesthetic judgment of the face.

Special adult treatments:

  • treatments promoting the preparation of prohthesis
  • „back control” of teeth wandering due to diseases of periodontal
  • surgery and orthodontics treatments due to deformities of jaw
  • treatment of mandibular disfunctions
  • aesthetic treatments
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