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Preise – Gesundheitskassen

Jetzt Buchen
Preise – Gesundheitskassen

Our surgery has contract with the health funds below:

Our prices:

Of course, money matters everyone. In most cases the first question used to be: „What will this cost to me?” We can’t give unequivocal answer to this question until we have met the patient and a complex health check has been made. After this we make a treatment schedule where we offer several alternatives to enable our patients taking decision with consideration of the expectable costs.

We would like to emphasize that we are no braces distributors, what we offer is the self-confidence that can be gained when treatment is once finished. Trust is the most important for us, because a joint project for months or years shall be started between patient and dentist. Each individual case is different, there is not one problem same as the other, therefore the treatment schedules are very personal. Price guarantee: we can guarantee that you won’t be surprised later; we can keep the calculated prices until the end of treatment.

Treatment scghedule is one of the most important phase, which contains beyond the material prices the time necessary for our orthodontics specialist thinking out and scheduling the treatments for even years. Many things are decided at this stage.

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