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Kombinierte kieferorthopädische – kieferchirurgische Behandlung

Jetzt Buchen
Kombinierte kieferorthopädische – kieferchirurgische Behandlung

Orthodontics combined with jaw surgery

The harmony of face is determined by the teeth, jaws and the surrounding soft tissues. The irregular closure of denture is caused in many cases not (only) by the position of teeth, but also by the difference in size and position between the jaws. In such cases orthodontics itself is not enough, the treatment has to be supplemented by surgery correction. It is also a frequent case that patients are not satisfied with thier outer appearance and this is the reason they visit our clinic.

Jaw deviations are combined almost without exception with the defective function of the mandibular joint, speech problems causing chewing and swallowing difficulties. This abnormality may concern the low and the upper jaw and together with this the whole toothing. It will cause disharmonious face profile having a negative influence on the appearance of the face. Sooner or later this will lead to the loss of teeth, advanced periodontal diseases. If accompanying symptoms are getting worse, it may cause problems for the dentist as well, since it is sometimes impossible to produce appropriate supplement. A great number of people are not aware of the fact that their abnomality can be solved providing a better life quality.

The treatment process

The treatment takes place in every case in team-work. The expected goal shall be planned jointly by you, the orthodontics specialist and the face- and jaw surgery. We carry out special measurements with the aim to achieve a harmonious unity of teeth and jaws by the end of the treatment thus improving the aesthetic appearance of the face.

With orthodontics treatment we shape the regular arch of tooth characteristic for jaws: we shall tilt back the incisors leaning forward or backward, cease the gaps, with one word we shape a regular denture. Once we have finsihed with this preoperative orthodontics, the next step is the surgery intervention. This may happen on one of the jaws but in most cases on both of them. It takes place under anesthesia and needs 4-7 days stay in the hospital. The operation is carried out through the mouth, accordingly there will remain no surgical scar on the face. Jaws shall be placed in the previously planned position and it will be fixed by titanic-plates and screws. After this follows the post-operation orthodontics treatment when the fine-tuning between the two dentures, the perfect closure shall be established. The entire process takes appr. 2 years. Thanks to the up-to-date diagnostic systems the planned treatment and the expected result can be accurately stimulated by using sophisticated software. With one word: your satisfied smile.

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