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Jetzt Buchen

Most of the orthodontics specialists – even allowing patients influenced by advertisements – approach the orthodontics device to be chosen from their type. However we have to know that these are just devices and primary improtance is to be paid to what we would like to achieve and what devices are available. Accordingly, the right sequence is the accurate diagnosis, planning and then – discussed with you – the choice of the device adjusted to the objective of the treatment. Every single case is individual, therefore you are kindly requested to chose „desire” and not the device, what imaginations you have in connection with your treatment. The technics is our duty. You can read more about planning under the menu „Planning treatment”.

Don’t sit on advertisements, the rotund „up-to-date” means of treatment. Beleive us, nature, biology and physiology can’t be deceived.

By what devices takes orthodontics place?

Our clinic provides the full range of today’s comfortable orthodontics devices. Be it fashionably colourful or invisible, anyone can find the right one for him/herself. The orthodontics specialist shall provide you with information about the advantages, disadvantages, with which and under what time we can achieve the perfect result. The choice is up to you.

We can differ two major types of devices:

Orthodontics types, devices:

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