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Jetzt Buchen

We assess demands. We provide information about the possible ways of therapy, let you get acquanted with the different options and the starting date of treatment and all these in a pleasant environment and relaxed atmosphere. This is a very important moment, the first impression about the necessity of the therapy, what’s going to happen and how in what time. This is not the time we can provide you with exact plans, to achive this we need to pick up important data. If we succeeded in having awakened your interest we shall complete the X-ray radiograms, we make study sample and a series of photos not only about the teeth but also about the face, smile, because orthodontics is not solely about having teeth fallen in line, but we also change the smile and the harmony of the face. Based on the above we perform exact evaluation, define the best possible therapy schedule and we shall disclose it in details during the next consulation.

At this occasion we shall provide you a detailed treatment schedule, the estimated costs and what’s going to happen to you or to your child during the therapy process. At this point you may decide about the devices of treatment (what device you choose). This has to take place in an interactive way. The final decision has to be taken by you.

In case of children we sometimes do not propose an immediate start of the treatment, we are waiting for the most optimal date when the best result can be achieved within the shortest time and the most simple intervention.

In many cases it is your dentist who referres you to the orthodontics surgery for a consultation in order to see if there is chance to offer a more aesthetic and up-to-date solution in your favour, jointly with the orthodontics dentist. This time there is opportunity to have consultation with the dentist where we discuss your problem and the best way of treatment. In some cases the joint treatment of several expertise dentists lead to the desired result. Once the therapy schedule is done, we let you know the sequence of treatments.

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